Consumer Directed Attendant Services

The CDS Program allows adults with significant physical disabilities to obtain assistance with personal care and activities of daily living in order to maintain or increase their independence within the community.  With the CDS program, a person has the freedom to hire anyone of their own choosing (with the exception of a spouse) to provide care for them.  Potential attendants must pass a background screening through the Family Care Safety Registry prior to working. 

Consumer Directed Services adheres to the Independent Living philosophy, which suggests that persons with disabilities should have choice and control over their lives.  Individuals with disabilities know their needs, how best to meet those needs, and who they feel most comfortable having provide for those needs.


CDS Eligibility Requirements

Individuals must meet certain criteria to be eligible for Consumer Directed Services, including:

  • Must be Missouri Medicaid eligible;
  • Must meet level of care need as set by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services; and
  • Must be able to fully direct their own care.  

Contact TILC to see if you meet initial requirements - 833-346-8951.  Once initial eligibility is established, TILC will coordinate with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services for an evaluation. 


Why Choose TILC for Attendant Care?

The Independent Living Center has been administering Personal Attendant Services since 1994.  Our number one goal in providing assistance is helping people maintain their independence in their own homes rather than having to move into an institutional setting.  

We believe that personal choice is a key to achieving the level of independence that individuals with disabilities desire.  With the CDS program, consumers are given the freedom to hire their own attendants and to direct their own care based on their needs assessment.  Since participants in the program are the employer of their attendants, they have a much greater level of control over their care.  Participants are also able to hire a family member (other than a spouse), a friend, or they can select individuals from TILC's attendant registry - the choice is theirs. 


In addition to the attendant assistance, TILC also offers many value-added services including: home modifications, adaptive equipment loans, advocacy, information and referral, peer support and in-home care.  

For more information about the CDS program, call 417-659-8086 or 833-346-8951.