Emergency Program

TILC provide emergency preparedness services for people with disabilities in southwest Missouri including the following:

Emergency Planning for People with Disabilities--TILC staff members assist consumers in developing emergency plans to meet their specific needs in a variety of potential emergency situations.
Adaptive Alerting Devices--TILC provides adaptive alerting devices and weather radios for people with disabilities.
Vial of Life Kits--TILC provides consumers with Vial of Life Kits designed to provide important medical information to first-responders in the event of an emergency. 
Community Education and Resources--TILC staff members provide community education to help other agencies and the public plan for people disabilities. TILC staff members have trained first responders, family members, other nonprofit organizations, among many others in considering the needs of people with disabilities in emergencies. 
American Red Cross Go-Kits--TILC staff provide Red Cross Go Kits to individuals with disabilities in southwest Missouri that complete comprehensive emergency plans. 

The following have resources to assist individuals in emergency preparedness:

Disability.gov has a great page devoted to National, State, and Local resources for emergency planning and response. 
FEMA's Ready.gov Access and Functional Needs Resources with downloadable kits, information on sheltering in place, and much more! 
CDC Emergency Preparedness Resources with checklists and emergency kit information. 
Do 1 Thing curriculum and resources for planning for emergencies.  

The following are resources for agencies and businesses seeking Whole Community efforts in emergency services:

FEMA's Whole Community Page outlines the approach and principles of Whole Community
CDC Foundation's Whole Community Program with resources and best practices for a Whole Community approach to emergency management.
Emergency Management: Strategy and Leadership in Critical Times