TILC Services Overview

Providing services throughout Jasper, Newton, McDonald, Dade, Barton and Barry Counties

Consumer Directed Attendant Services

CDS services provide in-home personal care for adults with physical disabilities that have Medicaid and are able to direct their own care.  A potential consumer has an evaluation to determine eligibility. If approved, the individual determines who provides their care.

Agency Directed Attendant Services (In Home Care Program)

The In-Home Care Program provides home care for people who either cannot direct their own care or people who would rather not have that responsibility.  Assistance includes personal care, homemaker/chore, advanced personal care, respite care, and authorized RN visits. Veterans Benefits, Medicaid, Private Insurance and Private Pay accepted. (Available in Jasper & Newton Counties)

Emergency Services

TILC offers comprehensive individual emergency plan development, community education. TILC also offers an emergency food pantry.

Adaptive Equipment/Durable Medical Equipment

TILC provides necessary adaptive equipment at little-to-no cost to people with disabilities that meet income requirements and who are unable to obtain the equipment through other means. TILC offers fee-for-service adaptive equipment and is an Invacare vendor.

TAP Telephone Program

TILC coordinates Missouri Assistive Technology’s accessible telephone program for people with hearing, vision, mobility, or speech disabilities.

Institution Transition

TILC provides resources for individuals seeking to regain their independence from institutional settings. Assistance may include first month’s rent, first month’s groceries, adaptive equipment, attendant care, home modifications, and advocacy.

Independent Living Skills Training

TILC provides several IL Skills trainings including benefit management, budgeting, first aid, and self-advocacy.   


TILC provides advocacy for consumers on an ongoing basis, including how to become a self-advocate. TILC also provides community and systems advocacy, including educational advocacy.

Peer Support

TILC provides various peer support options, including a Women’s Social Group, a TBI Support Group, Low-Vision Support, and a Youth Social Club.

Youth Transition Services

TILC offers services to youth with disabilities, including educational advocacy, goal planning, IL skills, peer support, parent support, and transition assistance, among other services.

Information and Referral

TILC has an extensive resource directory and we provide referrals to individuals needing services that are beyond our scope.